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Museo Hidrológico - Lafortunada

  Lafortunada lies between L'Ainsa and the French border. An earlier name was La Infortunada (the ill-fated). You'll find the reason explained on one of the interpretative panels. The museum is situated between the main road and the Río Cinca.

Several impressive components are showcased: valves, isolators, turbines. Attached to the walls are boards with explanation in Spanish and - this is remarkable - in French. Take your time because there is a lot of interesting facts to discover.

There is also a map of the hydrological system of the Ríos Cinca and Cinqueta. Almost all lakes in the wider area are interconnected and feed in one way or another this power station. The tubes behind the building bring water from the Gistaín valley. The tubes crossing the river carry water from the embalse de Pineta (Bielsa).

Nearby next to the main road is a Casilla de Peones Camineros. In former times this type of construction could be found dispersed throughout the country. Road workers back then toured the country. The casillas served as night shelter for the teams of roadworkers. Often only the word Peones is mentioned. Most shelters are dilapidated by lack of maintenance because they are no longer used.
Lafortunada powerstation


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