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Muriello de Sampietro

  Muriello de Sampietro is a village in the hills south of Puyarruego. No people are living there permanently. For this excursion we'll follow the old path between Puyarruego and Muriello. There is only one caveat: don't miss the spot where the path leaves the river bed. Once you've found this point, the rest of the hike is straightforward because the path is easy to trace. You'll need about four hours for the walk one way taking into account some time for bird-watching, looking for plants, taking pictures and a short rest. There is a promontorio near Muriello that is a good spot for a pic-nic with splendid view on the montain range.

From the Plaza of Puyarruego walk down and, before you reach the bend, turn left. You'll pass some farm buildings (It's amazing the amount of plastics going around in this kind of business.) and then walk between the meadows before you'll reach the Río Yesa. Turn right (don't go down into the riverbed) and keep to the path that continues on the left bank (you are walking against the current). You'll pass small fields, exuberant hedges, old barns and stony flats with fossils. It's sometimes necessary to round a barn to find the next part of the path, but the way to go is generally quite obvious.

old fields of Puyarruego Dry riverbed of the Río Yesa
Eventually you'll reach a ruinous construction next to the river. This is the place to cross the water and trace the path at the other bank. It's easier, I think, certainly in summer with stable weather, to continue the walk into the riverbed. In fact, you could have done that almost from the beginning. There are some nice spots to enjoy a short swim and there is always something interesting to observe: dragonflies, beetles and bugs and trout in the water. After some time the right bank turns into a cliff. A bit further you'll notice a path that climbs that cliff. That's the way to Muriello. You have a second chance should you miss it the first time. A bit further the path comes down to the water before it goes up again and finally leaves the river. The first meters are rather steep, but after that you'll slowly climb the slope walking through diverse woodland.
Aristolochia Limodorum abortivum
You'll find plant species like Aristolochia (food-plant of the exotic looking Zerynthia butterfly - see top of this page) and Limodorum abortivum. You can't miss the diggings of the Wild boars and if you are lucky you'll witness a mother with young disappearing into the shadows. Nearer to Muriello is the Barranco del Infierno (one of the many) with a waterfall and a vegetation adapted to the humid atmosphere. The rocks are draped with the beautiful Ramonda myconi (see photo-album).
The last stretch is in more open terrain. Notice the old terraces and the old paths flanked with stone-walls.
Muriello is a nice spot the walk around. Pay a visit to the old blacksmith's shack with the leather bellows (make sure to close the door after you leave); spot the wooden locks, discover the inscriptions above the doors, the old balconies, ... The promontory towering above the village is the perfect spot to try to identify the most conspicuous peaks of the mountain range. Bring a map with you.
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